Carp Bait

Baitcraft's ethos is dead simple make the best carp bait and boilies money can buy and then sell them at a price you can afford to use them at whilst delivering them to you fresh and in a timely manner. Our track record in terms of the quality and effectiveness of our products for both the occasional carper and all out big campaign baiters is second to none. We've expanded our range of products considerably to cater for all commonly used tactics in carp fishing so there is a product that will put extra fish on the bank for every carp angler available here. If you are unable to purchase our freezer baits locally anywhere in Europe our carrier will get our bait to you fresh ready to freeze. Choose to catch using Baitcraft boilies and carp bait today!

Best selling Carp Bait Products

  • product imageSavay Salmon Boiliesbuy_now_button
  • product imageSavay Salmon Pop Upsbuy_now_button
  • product imageSalmoniser Liquid buy_now_button